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Let me give you a rundown of some of the most popular breeds. Sussex hens are a medium size bird and can produce around 250-300 eggs per year. There are many color variations to choose from with speckled being the most popular. Wyandottes are very hardy birds. They foraged on whatever they could find in the dirt which is very different Read More →, If you are looking for an unusual and special breed then you need look no further than the Araucana. Making sure they stay healthy will help them to lay eggs. Rhode Island Red. I have had both White and Brown Leghorns. The Jaerhon is a small, active and friendly hen. Lohmann Brown is one of the best egg laying chicken breeds, which lays about 300 large brown color eggs per year. In the egg laying department they will give you around 200 or so eggs per year. The Barnevelder is a medium-heavy breed of chicken, named after the Dutch town of Barneveld. The New Hampshire is often overlooked because of their rival (Rhode Island Reds). Isa Browns are the true workhorse of the egg laying world. Let me know in the comments below. They are poor flyers and usually quiet so an urban setting would suit them quite well. They can lay up to 280 eggs per year . She will put out 5-6 white eggs each week. If they are hand raised they are not adverse to cuddles or lap time. For each breed in our list we have given you a mini-profile so that you can determine which breed might work best for you and your situation. Today’s look at chickens is a compilation of the best egg laying breeds around. Bantams; Wrap up She will give you 4 jumbo sized brown eggs each week (that is around 200 eggs each year). She is a beautiful heritage bird that is friendly, curious, likes to be held and even enjoys lap time. This article will explain all the different styles of Read More →. The Rhode Island Red chicken breed starts laying eggs around 4-5 months, which is super earlier than other breeds. They are known to be gentle and patient birds, perfect for pats and cuddles. Remember though without a winter break (and rest from laying eggs) the long term health implications for your hens are bad. They are confident birds that will be very happy to explore your backyard. They produce more eggs if left to explore and forage for greenery and grubs. All of our selected hens are known to be good layers and many are dual purpose breeds too! Expensive does not mean it is the best to suit your needs. Their dappled feathers, dark tails and almost stripy necks are so much fun. They made our Chickens That Lay 300 eggs a year list. Sick chickens will not lay eggs so getting to know your flock as individuals is very important. Rhode Island Red chickens are easy to care for, they will produce around 260 eggs per year. Chickens And More is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and any other affiliated sites. The white Leghorn is possibly the best layer of all! They lay large white eggs and have a great feed to egg conversion ratio, which is great for the feed bill! These birds weren’t held in high regard when they were first bred but don’t let that put you off. Leghorn; 3. There are several different varieties but the double laced is probably the most popular and spectacular. They come in a variety of colors these days, and you’ll be sure to love the blue and black-feathered varieties. She is a bountiful layer, producing 4-5 large brown eggs each week. They are good egg layers putting out 4-5 brown eggs per week (between 180-220 per year). Chickens And More is quickly becoming the online destination for all backyard chicken enthusiasts. They are very predator savvy and love to free range. As you grow in confidence you can start branching out and diversifying your flock. If you have an abundance of eggs or have a mind for business, these heart-healthy eggs have the potential to turn a tidy profit. Everything you need to know to make sure you get the right hens for your needs and lifestyle. In terms of the breed, Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Australorps and Orpingtons are all great egg layers. The dual purpose hens will give you a nice sized meat bird afterward. Some chicken owners say RIRs have easygoing personalities; others say they are bossy. Exceptionally hardy, the Rhode Island Red lays large brown eggs. Plymouth Rock; 4. The dependable Sussex breed has been around a very long time indeed. It has see-through sides for easier monitoring. to bed. You'll get, on average, 2 eggs a day from 3 hens. Layer feed should be formulated to keep the chicken healthy, and often has added ingredients specifically to enhance the quality of the eggs. The chicken needs enough nutrition to meet all her own dietary needs and remain healthy, as well as extra nutrition to produce healthy eggs. The white Leghorn is possibly the best layer of all! There are a number of breeds that are the best laying hens for beginners. Expect around 220 large white eggs per year. You may have never heard of this chicken breed. They have beards, muffs and feather feet, so they are quite funny to watch. It was hard to prune down the list to only fourteen birds! This breed is by far one of the most popular breeds and there is a good chance if you know a lot of chicken owners you’ve seen SOMEONE with Rhode Island Reds. Combine this with their smallness and you get a very good feed conversion ratio – meaning they won’t cost too much to keep. Keep them busy by adding chicken-sized distractions in their coop if they need to be locked up during the day. They are hungry birds that love to forage for bugs, mice and other backyard critters to eat. They are one of the most popular backyard chicken breeds because they are tough and lay lots of eggs. They’re known to give between 250-300 eggs per year. The Manner Of Feeding Now that you know a little about what things your chickens should eat, … This means they won’t sit on a clutch of eggs and stop laying. They are small birds which makes them perfect for backyards or other small areas. While they come in many varieties, I can’t go past the deep brown feathers edged with deep black tips. However they are a hardy heritage bird with a gentle and curious nature. The variant of Brown Leghorn chickens, White Leghorn is one of the best egg layers. For safe eggs and healthy chicks, we recommend Magicfly Digital Automatic Egg Incubator. A well-loved heritage breed, the Rhode Island is one of the egg laying stars. The breed nearly died out in the early 1900s but one dedicated farmer kept the linage going. Chicken Breeds for Eggs. If you have children, Plymouth Rock chickens are a perfect addition to your backyard. This chicken was solely created for its egg-laying capabilities. You’ll love them because of their traditional reddish-brown feathers, but also because they can lay between 300-350 eggs every year! Wyandotte (wine-dot) chickens are the darling of the poultry show circuit. She has been around for a while and has contributed her genetics to many of the hybrids we see today, but she remains a well-loved hen in many backyard flocks today. 3 of the best chickens for eggs. Are you looking to start keeping chickens in your backyard? Leghorns are also great hens for beginners as they are very unlikely to go broody. Chickens provide eggs, meat and fertilizer, plus they’re small and easy to manage. Just as hens come in all shapes, colours and sizes, so do their eggs. Even when chickens are fed different diets, the taste difference is so minute that the average person can tell little difference. Growing a chicken breed suitable for egg laying is not enough to ensure a large egg production. Chickens and More © 2020 - All Rights Reserved, The Complete History Of Chickens: From Jungles To Backyards, Araucana Chicken Care Guide: Eggs, Color And More…, 5 Best Chicken Feeders: What To Know Before Buying, Golden Comet Chicken: Care Guide, Egg Laying and More…, The Complete Guide To Introducing New Chickens To Your Flock, 11 Common Reasons Why Chickens Stop Laying Eggs (And How To Fix It), Welsummer Chicken: Care Guide, Color Varieties and More, 5 Best Chicken Coop Heaters: The Complete Buyer’s Guide, Lavender Orpington: The Complete Care Guide, Wyandotte Chicken: Care Guide, Color Varieties and More…, The Complete Guide To Chicken Mites: Identification, Treatment And More…, Swedish Flower Hen: What To Know Before Buying, 11 Most Expensive Chicken Breeds In The World. Another bonus is that this breed is autosexing! They’ll still give you plenty of eggs and you’ll have a good feeling for giving the girls some fresh air and affection. Read more about Wyandotte Chicken. We have tried to select breeds with different likings (confinement, free range, people oriented) and to spice it up we added some variety to the selections. If you’d like to see some color in your egg basket, you can’t go past Ameraucana chickens. Some strains will lay eggs with speckles and others can lay a darker almost chocolate colored egg. Whether you have kept chickens for years, or are just starting out on your chicken journey. Read more about Rhode Island Red. It may be surprising but your cute backyard chickens were once wild birds that roamed the jungles of Southeast Asia. Best chicken breeds for eggs. By Ruth Chandler. If you’re wondering which breeds of chickens to try you’ve come to the right place. Because they’ve been bred for egg production, they have a gentle nature which helps when it comes to sharing space with the flock. The RIR is the state bird of Rhode Island. Roosters can get between 8-10 lbs, which makes them a great size. While they are friendly with their humans they dislike being picked up or held. Most chickens stop laying during the colder months but not the Austrolorp. Lohmann Brown Classic Chicken It came selectively from a crossbred from New Hampshire and some other egg laying chicken breed. At one time it was the darling of the broiler industry, then hybrids came along and the Delaware faded into obscurity. And while some breeds will lay an egg a day, others take a more relaxed approach. They’re also strong and healthy birds who are likely to lay through all types of weather conditions. The best source of chicken meat is usually called Broilers. Eggs: You should expect a young Rhode Island Red to lay 250 eggs a year. They are some of the best foragers, so they make excellent free-range birds and penned chickens too, as long as you keep moving the pen around for ample forage. Barnevelders are not so well known outside of their native Netherlands. When I started raising hens, I had a small flock of just a few Isa Browns, but I’ve since branched out to a multi-colored flock of different breeds. Read more about Plymouth Rock. They’re calm and laid back, and will eat from your hand. So whether you want your birds to be cuddly and affectionate or prefer them to do their own thing, there should be something for you here. They lay far fewer, and smaller eggs than other breeds on this list, only around 170-180 per year, but the unusual color makes up for it. An Australorp will give you 4-5 light brown eggs per week which equates to around 200-250 per year. Their personalities vary from super friendly to moody, but in general they are a family friendly bird and are not people aggressive. This genetic quirk helps to maintain egg production throughout the year. Chickens need about 16 hours of daylight to keep producing eggs on a regular basis, so you will need to add light in the winter months. This little Read More →, The cost of feeders can vary tremendously from $15-$150.00, so you should make sure you do your research and buy what you can afford. In about five weeks, a broiler chicken … Most people get backyard chickens to lay eggs – so if you want lots of eggs you need to pick the correct breed. But, they are also an awesome meat bird as well. It is because of this that the Leghorn hens were an industry favorite for many years. What’s more important to you: plentiful large eggs, a friendly demeanor or bright, colorful shells? It is best to add the light in the morning and let the natural fading daylight see them Australorps are known as a friendly laid back breed – an ideal bird for urban settings since they are not particularly noisy. Leghorns have the best feed to egg conversion ratio by far. You should allow them to free range as they are excellent foragers. These birds are good foragers and as a bonus they are pretty good with children. There are several varieties of Leghorn but the white one is the egg laying queen of the family. The most common variety seen is the Marraduna hen (golden cuckoo or barred). Rhode Island Red chickens have been bred to be hardy stock – they are naturally quite disease resistant, which will help you to maintain egg production throughout the year and avoid costly vet bills or treatments. She is like no other chicken you have ever seen. The bright red comb and shiny white feathers are a cheery sight. Sussex; 6. The egg colors range from brown to cream and the chicken is white with black neck and tail feathers. They are friendly and inquisitive, so make a great bird for a family setting. They love to free range and will fly up into trees for safety (and roosting if allowed). Sadly the Delaware is not as well-known as it was a few years ago. They are hardy, curious birds with tons of personality. Spending time with them getting to know their quirks and behaviors can give you an insight into how they are feeling. Austrolorps come in blue, black and white and start laying relatively early in life when compared to other hen breeds. Read more about Sussex Chicken. Chickens are very good at hiding illness – showing weakness is a death sentence for birds in the wild and chickens have not lost that survival instinct. Ameraucana or Araucana; 9. They will give you 5-6 eggs per week depending on the strain of chicken you have. As an egg layer she will give you 4-5 brown eggs each week, that is around 200-250 eggs each year. Which breeds of laying hen are you interested in keeping? Below: A pair of Silver laced bantam chicks. Some of the breeds selected may not be familiar to you, but they are all good layers. They are a fairly self-sufficient bird that can make the best of most situations. This is an Italian breed that has become quite popular in the UK and US in recent years. This will enable the chicks to grow big enough to survive the winter. Read more about Leghorn Chicken. While you may be surprised or unfamiliar with some of our selections, we have chosen the best around. They may not be suited to households with curious children, but they are very strong and live happily without much fuss. Leghorn: The best backyard chickens for lots of eggs, these chickens lay extra-large white eggs, producing over 300 a year. 8 OF THE BEST BACKYARD CHICKEN BREEDS FOR EGGS. Hens will lay between 200-300 pale blue eggs each year. Unlike other chicken breeds, Plymouth Rocks are far less likely to startle or go into shock if you have other pets. Another American breed, these girls are renowned for being able to lay through the winter, unlike many other types of chickens. They reliably produce large white eggs and are some of the best layers in my flock. Or the third option is to let your hens ‘retire’ and just keep them as pets, which can work depending on … But we did include honorable mentions for several other breeds too. They tend to do well in cold climates. She will put out 5-6 white eggs each week. The white birds are known to produce the most eggs. The Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Barnevelder, Delaware, Faverolles, New Hampshire and Sussex made our list for brown eggs. Even with their smaller size, they make a good dual-purpose chicken; using them for meat, once their laying production declines. Do not add calcium directly to their feed as too much calcium can cause problems with some hens. They are one of the most popular backyard chicken breeds because they’re hardy, low maintenance, and lay lots of eggs. Here’s my list of the best laying hens for beginners: When you’re just starting out, it is easier to choose just one breed of laying hen to begin with. For most of us chicken enthusiasts it is important for our chickens to give the best eggs, and the quality of your eggs depends on many factors – clean nest boxes, sufficient daylight, hen management and more. The Faverolles is an ancient heritage breed from France. The incubator measures roughly 14 inches by 7.5 inches by 7 inches. They keep me and my family in eggs of all different colors and sizes. The Plymouth Rock breed of chicken is a great laying hen for beginners. As a beginner, you have to choose relatively docile, healthy and productive breeds that can produce adequate amounts of eggs for your daily family needs. Several years ago I had two of these chickens in my flock. Here we are describing about some best egg laying chickens for beginners. This makes her a great family bird and good with children. This quality also gives their eggs an attractive selling point. Different people keep chickens for different reasons – keeping chickens as pets, breeding them for egg production and a few more. Pearl-White Leghorn – The white leghorn is one of the best layers out there. Here are some of the best and broodiest domestic breeds for home hatching. They have a bold personality, are curious, and are generally a good hen to have in your flock. These chickens look similar to a Sumatra with pale blue/gray feathering and a pea comb. One of the two recognized breeds that lay blue-shell eggs the Ameraucana chicken breed is famed for the large blue eggs that it lays. I’m including them because they are a delight to look at. Lisa Steele, a 5th generation chicken keeper and Master Gardener, and author of the popular books Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens Naturally and Gardening with Chickens lives with her husband on a small hobby farm in Maine where she raises a mixed flock of chickens and ducks, grows herbs and enjoys cooking using fresh vegetables from her garden and fresh eggs from her coop. If you choose to keep Rhode Island Reds, then make sure you have plenty of room for them to roam. The world record for the highest number of eggs laid in one year is held by an Australorp. The Ancona is a lovely bird that is quite hardy and very active. If you want to do your bit for battery farm hens, there are often options for backyard chicken farmers to adopt Isa Browns that are past their egg laying prime from commercial operations. This is not a bird for a town or urban settings though. 7. Rhode Island Red’s originated from America and are known as a ‘dual purpose’ chickens. Some chickens do better free-ranging around the yard while others don’t mind being cooped up (literally!). Laying around 4 white eggs each week she has an excellent feed conversion ratio. This makes white eggs more cost-effective. It is now slowly making a comeback as folks are discovering what a useful bird the Delaware is. An area that is scrubby and sparse, so the Basque hen is a very good forager. Originally bred in Petaluma California, these girls will give you the all-American dream of fresh eggs almost every day. The egg layers that lay the most in a year tend to be very thin skinny chickens mostly meant for chicken stock. They are winter hardy and vigorous egg layers which assure a constant supply of these excellent sized, beautifully colored eggs. The poor isa breowns can’t hold a candle next to the pearl white leghorns, especially those of the hy-line company. Choosing Breeds There is very little difference in the taste of chicken eggs assuming what they eat is the same. It can hold 9 chicken eggs. Information provided is general purpose only and not meant to replace professional and medical advice. For an inexperienced owner, sticking to a proven feeding method is probably the best way to keep their girls healthy, happy and willing and capable of laying eggs. Leghorn chickens would be an eye-catching addition to your flock. I love Sussex hens because they are just beautiful to watch. Spring into summer is the best time to hatch chickens eggs. After a few years of keeping chickens and buying replacement chicks through hatcheries, you may want to explore allowing your hens to set a clutch of eggs, and hatch and raise their own chicks. The Hamburg is an industrious little bird that has been around for a long time (their history dates backs to 14th century Holland). These are dual-purpose chickens that lay around 250 eggs a year. A simple 60w bulb on a timer will serve this function well enough. They’ve also been bred as meat birds, so if you’re inclined you can eat them when they start declining in egg production. The Barnevelder will lay 3-4 dark brown eggs per week. These are perfect free-range backyard birds. 1. If your family likes plenty of eggs, this is a breed to consider. As with many breeds, it comes down to whether they are handled frequently when they are chicks and whether human interaction is encouraged with treats. One of the best things about Sussex hens is that they enjoy free-ranging in the garden without destroying it. In fact, this is probably one of the best chickens for eggs of the blue variety. But don’t be confused, there’s no actual difference between the brown and white ones (other than their feather colors, of course). Your email address will not be published. Read more about Araucana Chicken. 1. If you want your hens to lay well all year round you are going to have to trick them! If you want a … Jun 22, 2016 George Clerk Getty Images. It is because of this that the Leghorn hens were an industry favorite for many years. Some chicken breeds are great for meat production while others are highly productive layers. On the shelf, higher prices for brown eggs lead to the perception that they are “better.” However, if you really want the highest quality eggs, you need to … Several chicken breed charts are available online and in books, but their information is often based on old data. As chicken raising grows in popularity from backyards to small farms, many homesteaders want to raise heritage chickens that will provide both eggs and meat. Here’s why: The incubator is made of strong durable plastic. There are several varieties of Leghorn but the white one is the egg laying queen of the family. Best Egg Laying Chickens For Beginners. This chicken breed also makes for a good dual purpose bird that lays an abundance of eggs. If you keep your eyes open you can find them with different plumage colors, too. Here are some of the top chicken feeds for egg layers. Some of the more popular hybrids include the: Sadly they will only be this productive for 18-24 months as the stress of almost continuous egg laying takes its toll on the hens body. Fresh clean water is very important and you can add a vitamin/ electrolyte solution once a week to help them stay in peak condition. Providing your chickens with the right feeds is the most important thing to do if you truly care about their well-being. Sometimes called Araucanas (named for the Araucanan Indians in Chile, where this breed originates), these birds are known for laying blue and green eggs. Then watch your birds and you will be amazed at what you can learn! This means they can be raised for either eggs or meat. Although she is a splendid layer, the Leghorn is not a cuddly bird. Rhode Island Red Chicken Eggs: Rhode Island Red chickens lay light brown, medium to large eggs. All of these breeds will give you 3+ eggs per week. These big birds are robust and are known to thrive in typical chicken coop environments. The best thing about this chicken is feed intake, which is very less compared to other breeds. Remember that scared or nervous birds often stop laying. Consider these tips if you want to make sure you obtain the best possible result from your chicken coop or farm: Chickens older than 3 years lay fewer eggs than younger chickens; Chickens need to have enough protein in their diet to lay eggs. She is on the small side for a standard bird but is a prolific layer giving 3 white eggs per week – over 150 eggs per year. They are quite mellow and if raised by hand are not adverse to lap time. Backyard chicken farmers love Rhode Island Reds because like Plymouths, they are known to be easy-going and child friendly. When is the best time to hatch chicken eggs? Leghorn chickens lay an average of 280 eggs per year but sometimes lay … If you’ve got an eye on the royal couple Harry and Meghan, you might like to keep some Sussex chickens in your flock. On average, chickens that lay brown eggs are larger and cost more to raise. Welcome to the ultimate homestead chicken! “The Leghorn chicken is one of my favorite chicken breeds. Raising heritage chickens helps to conserve and preserve chicken breeds that are becoming rare and endangered from modern breeding practices. Their large size and eye-catching russet plumage are not their only good qualities. The Delaware is an excellent dual purpose hen. They can lay up to 365 eggs a year – yes an all seasons layer. When you become familiar with the type of care each breed needs, and how many eggs they’re likely to produce you can make the best choice for your backyard or coop. They have a mellow, friendly soul and love their people. Australorps lay an incredible amount of eggs. The Silkie Bantams in particular are known for soft tufted feathers around their feet and often on their head as well. To keep you flock laying eggs, give them a good quality layer feed of 16% protein. Hybrid birds were created solely to lay eggs – which they do abundantly. The bird comes from the Spanish Basque region. The question of how many chickens to buy depends on how many eggs you want (assuming you're raising chickens for eggs). In addition to the feed you should provide two separate bowls. They lay cute little eggs, and don’t like to be kept in cool or wet climates. Isa Browns; 2. They were developed as a dual purpose breed over the years and although it lost favor with the poultry industry, backyard keepers favored this heritage hen and so she endured! Rhode Island Reds are known as dual-purpose chickens. These hens will give you around 3 large tinted brown eggs per week – a little over 150 eggs per year. If you keep Plymouths, you can expect around 200-250 eggs per bird per year. Austrolorp chickens come from Australia, where they were bred from Orpington stock. The egg turner and temperature control are automated. Hailing from yep you guessed it – Rhode Island, these birds are ready and willing to give you plenty of large eggs for your breakfasts. One containing insoluble grit to aid with digestion and another containing oyster shell to add extra calcium to their diets for their bones and eggshells. Australians wanted a bird that was a good egg layer, so they cross bred the Orpington with several other breeds and came up with a winner! Rhode Island Red; 5. They really do not thrive in confinement, so urban living is not for this chicken. But hens are comparatively smaller in size than the rooster. Isa Brown chickens make great laying hens for beginners because they are content to live in most climates, so they’ll be happy wherever you are. They’re also great for beginners because they are easy to look after, give 280-320 eggs a year and are a slightly smaller bird. It’s fun to discover these little ‘easter eggs’ in the nesting boxes. The Rhode Island Red came into being in the late 1800s and has not looked back – they have remained a firm favorite of chicken folk everywhere. Read more about Austrolorp Chicken. Raising Araucanas is a pleasure as they do not have any special care needs. Wyandotte; 8. By studying them and handling them regularly you will learn who is not feeling good today. You can get to know the peculiarities and preferences of the flock. If you’re watching your cholesterol, you’ll be pleased to know Ameraucana eggs are naturally lower in cholesterol than other eggs. 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Many old time chicken keepers have said their most important piece of equipment is a 5 gallon bucket – turn it upside down and sit on it. The Arkansas Blue is a medium sized chicken that lays eggs very well. These chickens lay a brown egg and are excellent layers, laying around 250 eggs a year. While not recognized in the US they are slowly becoming more popular. Australorp Chickens: The Best Dual Purpose Chicken And Egg Laying Machines . It’s a good idea to get to know the laying rhythms and habits of one breed at a time. They make excellent chickens for meat because they tend to grow faster than those raised to lay eggs or chickens that can do both or the so-called dual-purpose chickens. The most common in the US is the Salmon Faverolles – their plumage is a warm honey brown. This means they can be raised for either eggs or meat. It is one of the breeds of chickens best known for its ability to lay very dark, and large to extra large brown colored eggs. So, if you want a dozen eggs a day, buy 18 hens. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In our selection above the Leghorn, Hamburg, Jaerhon and Ancona are the stars of white eggs. Austrolorp; 7. I’m cheating a bit here, as there are many different breeds of Bantam hen. She does enjoy free ranging but does equally as well in confinement. Let us know your favorite egg laying breed in the comments section below…, Not many chicken keepers know about the extensive history of chickens. Read more about Bantam Chicken. They originated from a Landrace chicken in Italy and were refined over the years to become the Leghorn that we know and love today. All of these breeds will lay around 3 eggs per week. While they lay fewer eggs than some other breeds of hen, Wyandottes are simply stunning birds to look at. They will give you 5-6 brown eggs each week. It’s one of the most exciting things you can do as a backyard chicken keeper. Read more about Isa Brown. Some are true Bantams while others have been cross bred with other breeds like Plymouth Rocks. You won’t have to worry about them flying off as they are almost flightless. When no … One of the most popular questions first time chicken owners ask is, “which breed of chooks are the best laying hens?” Some first time owners are surprised to hear that there are different breeds of chickens, let alone particular breeds that lay eggs more prolifically than other varieties. Whether you are a newcomer or you have been keeping chickens for a while, finding the best chicken feeds for your layers can be a challenge.This brings us to the question, “What are the 5 best chicken feeds for laying eggs?” They are better known as the Basque hen and are still very rare.

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